About Us

Why Waulionn...?

Waulionn Leather; a weird name, but definitely one to become to accustomed to hearing all around. The name is a combination of two apex predators – lion and wolf. Both these predators have arose to the top of the food chain. They reflect certain values to onlookers; namely, family orientated, leaders and competitive.

We at Waulionn, strive to live up to these values. We are extremely family orientated – considering it to be the way to go the furthest. Giving the public competitive prices to our products, and leading by example.

The Designer

My name is Mathys. I am the owner and designer of the products at Waulionn Leather. 
I started this business originally to create leather products for myself as I could never afford genuine leather products. But over time, my abilities to create evolved to the ability that I currently am still developing to this day. 

Designing and creating is a part of my very fiber of being and a talent received from up above.